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Name: Wizkid
Song title: Gidi Girl Lyrics

Ha a owww (knighthouse)
you're my gidi girl
it's ur boy: Wizkid
repping EME zee

Verse 1
You are the one that I want
more precious to me than
diamonds and pearls
just like a star you light up
my world
the way I feel inside
always on my mind
and i can't get over you
cos you got me so confused
you got me in the mood
and you make me feel brand new
(feel brand new)

You're my gidi girl
e be like say I hammer
me and you forever
you're my gidi girl
your love dey make me maga
me and you forever.. ever eh

Verse 2
She's mymoonlight, she
lights up my world
I'll never ever leave you this

I promise I'll stay with you till
the end
never leave your side
be my bride
you're my type
you're my life
you plus me equals light
you leave me and it equals
girl me really want you
beside me
me be your king and you be
my wifey
everyday me want you to
stand right beside me
(Repeat Chorus)(2x)
you're my only girl
and i am your only man
i can't deny the attaction that
i feel inside
girl you so fine
and you so fly
baby na you be my angel
(Repeat Chorus) (2x)
DJ Klem
Eme zzy
Gidi babe

Wizkid - Gidi Girl Lyrics

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