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Name: Wande Coal
Song title: That's What's Up Lyrics

Whats my name, w.c.z
whats the producers name,
na don jazy,
which label, mo hits, you
already know this, you
already notice
sey we no be novice, we
dey stay on top eh, you
already know, cos that's
whats up eh
and you know that we
know it, we never gonna
stop eh, as una don chop
una own oh
make I chop eh, na chop I
chop eh, that's whats up eh

Mo hit, mo hit gat me
looking fly cos now I got
more money in the bank
that's what's up (got more
money in the bank, got
more money in the bank)
see ama keep singin and
the record keep selling,
very soon we go own the bank
that's what's up (very soon
we go own the bank, very
soon we go own the bank)

That's what's up (Repeat Many times)

Verse 1
Champagne poping,
domprey, crystal you know
it aint nothing, the girls
keep coming, they wanna
have some in
and when it comes to
having fun
you know we never
stopping, you know we
never dolling,
when it comes to spending
just taking out the pocket
and we taking a trash,
we all about beats we are
born in a class
you wanna start trouble we
be gone in a flash ye

People when dey see me
dem sey me I don grow, I
only grow, omo I don blow
I only blow
Omo I get dough, shebi iwo
lo lenu enu eh, there is too
much money in my
agbada (x2)
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
See for this life trouble no
be stranger, we no dey
para, dem dey call me low
cos am protected by him
born in a menger, if you
wan try me you go end up
for danger
come down now, young
boy come down now, I be
the number one to ten on
the top ten countdown now
check for up town na w.c.z
check for down town na
w.c.z, check the countdown
na w.c.z
this one na origo no be
panda panda, wun le fara
we wa, je 'm ja esi, wun le
fara we wa, je 'm ja e si
(Repeat Chorus)

Wande Coal - Thats Whats Up Lyrics

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