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Name: Wande Coal
Song title: Kiss Your Hands Lyrics

Girl you so damn fine (x5)

Allow me to kiss your
hands (let me kiss your hands)
let me kiss your hands
and I will like to stroke your head
(stroke your head)
let me stroke your head

Verse 1
Saw this girl and I have to
ask her excuse me, how
you doing tonight
(how do you night)
girl you looking so sexy on
that dress girl, what you
doing tonight
(what you doing tonight)
wanted to take her to my
end, she told me that she
can't that she's hanging
with her friend annd she
don't know me, tell me what
a man has got to do, got
me acting like a fool, girl I
have to tell the truth

Girl you so damn fine (x5)
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
See me I wan drop the
sweet line,
dey ask her for her number
She sey no time
I'll see you later, later, that's
not fair
I just want a minute of your
If you give am to me I go dey
Don't wanna be a player
(Player) cos I care
yeah, girl I see me and you,
right inside my b.m.w, can't
you see that w.c.zee is
acting like Donkey over you,
girl I dey gbadun you, this
our love na brand new, e no
go better for me if I no tell
you from my mind
(Repeat Chorus And Refrain Till Fade)

Wande Coal - Kiss Your Hands Lyrics

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