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Name: Wande Coal
Song title: I Know U Like It Lyrics

I know you like (I know you
like the way I give it to you girl)
The other day I got you
screaming out my name and
you want it today (I know you
want me to give it to you
But I will do (but I will do o
until you beg me (x9)

Verse 1
Na who be this I see behind
the bar (behind the bar)
na the same girl wen I meet
for calabar (for calabar)
she was quick to catch and
jump into my car (into my
she said can I have your
n.u.m.b.e.r, I remember
clearly it was crazy, crazy,
crazy, crazy
All night I heard her, calling
me baby, baby, baby, baby
she was next to me before I
went too far (I went too far)

I sort to whisper in her ear, I
said to her
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Just go ahead you got
nothing to loose (nothing to
Am sure you will do the
same if you were in my
my shoes (were in my shoes)
you will even go as far as
telling your friends the
news (your friends the
Wande please stop banging
me, but I will still refuse (but
I will still refuse)
Now you see how this
drives you crazy, crazy,
crazy, crazy
not that I don't want you to
be my baby, baby, baby,
you know just what to do
am left to all the rules (all
the rules)
just say the magic word
and then you pay the dues
(Repeat Chorus)

Wande Coal - I Know You Like It Lyrics

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