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Name: Terry G
Song title: Tile Tile Lyrics

Na you be the tile tile
wen dey make dem
eh, chai, dem sey you
kush io,
dem sey you no fine
omoge iwo ni mo feron
o eh

Verse 1
The first I see her dey
stand for one bus stop
she just dey look ie eh
I ask her name and she
me akaete, and she
smile io
eh, my friend just dey
ask me
which can imbeke you
dey yam ie eh, I tell am
eh, eh, na she I like ie
people sey eh, dat girl
no fine
ie eh eh, me I like am
obu kwa yak um like ie
eh no be my fault

because my
blood dey hot ie eh
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Last nite I went to the
ie eh, I see my friend
with this
girl wen dey sey she
like me
eh, this girl she fine,
but she
kush as she behave
like she
come from dirty eh
she no get
shame blame, this girl
kpangolo, whether she
kush ie,
obu ya ka'm like ie
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
free me now
free me now,
una see as she dey
her konto, e dey make
me wan kolo, e dey
me want to dobo, wey
my charger, wey my charger
(Repeat Chorus)

Terry G - Tile Tile Lyrics

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