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Name: Terry G
Song title: Ginger Your Swagger Lyrics

Verse 1
Dem sey we be yahoo
yahoo boys eh,
we dey fresh dem sey na
mawu mawu eh
because we dey buy big big
dem see us for road dem
dey call us otokoto
chai, make una leave us
alone oh
timaya and Kcpresh we
dey move like rain eh,
na we be king of swagger
if you no believe us we go
dey totori your brain eh (x2)

Everybody just ginger your
say swagger your ginger
make you no send for any
maga, b
rothers and sister make you
send no maga,
everybody ginger your
swagger your ginger,
everybody maga,
make you send, my brother
just like aroma styley, ehn
ayagayagayagayo (x2)

Verse 2 dem sey dem sey who sey
dem sey i sey i sey o
do the thing make i

i swing like blood in my vain
and brain oh
brain eh, uh, we go dey
keep up the game eh
this kind of thing wen dey
turn your brain eh
every night and day,
we dey dine and wine with
the prince and kings eh,
e don roborobo eh
roborobo eh, roborobo eh
e don mimimimi eh,
mimimimi eh, mimimimi eh,
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
my guy i wan lavish my
swgger, d
em sey i dey hyper, dats
why dem sey i smoke
but dis marijuana don dey
make me dey hammer
chai, dem sey i beg come
this country is giving my
brain a gunshot,
eave me, i wan sing sey
my guy i sit down for my
chop my turkey and chop
the bone
some people wan begin to
dey bone, right now
everybody sey
(Repeat Chorus Till Fade)

Terry G - Ginger Your Swagger Lyrics

Africa Music Lyrics

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