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Name: Terry G
Song title: Free Madness Lyrics

Uh ye, terry G test me
microphone eh
oya start to jolly ye, o lord
eh, eh
the way she dey wine up
her waist
e dey make me been dey
craze dey go
eh, make we dey work the
wangolo, wangolo,
wangolo eh, eh, oya wine
eh, wine eh, wine eh,
oya wine eh, oh eh, oya
make we dey wanlagolo eh,
wanlagolo eh, oh eh,
omoge je kim sangolo,
je kim sangolo, je kim
sangolo, oh eh
sun mo bi je kim sangolo, je
kim sangolo,
oh lord, eh

Verse 1
Chai, the way she dey wine
up her waist, chai
make terry g to dey craze
make me embrace her
she start to dey grab.
i dey want to misbehave,
chai, ehn, i go craze, omo let
me touch you
because i don dey rake, eh,
she dey kalangolo
make my brain to dey want
to dey skimpololo, chai, ehy
me i no be mallam spicy,
me i no dey stop for the
fourth bar over, chai,
me i dey do even na halla,
even na coloba
even na style i go drop am
i go make dem to dey high
make dem to dey talk my
i dey make dem to dey
walangolo eh, chai

c ya tile tile walangolo eh
walangolo eh eh owe
tile tile throw your mala eh
throw your mala eh eh owe
the people wen gety this
beat eh
omo dem dey for outside
me i dey drop my freestyle
me test the micro phoney, I
test the microphone,
test the microphone, test
the microphona
owe, test the microphona
test the microphine,
terry g, dem call me terry
with the swagga swagga,
dem look me like a maga
because me i dey drop my
even if i no dey drop my
my swagger is thick like sey
i dey smoke kparaga
see, got the freestyle, so
watch my rhymes
because i dey freestyle
omo me i dey come,
i dey catch my rhyme,
offcourse sey me am
am intelectual, am getting
so high on marijuana, I
ikul likul, hennesy, am
licking hennesy,
like sipping hennesy, me i
no dey see, see enemies
enemies come, get a
omo fire go burn dem down
to pieces

Terry G - Free Madness Lyrics

Africa Music Lyrics

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