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Name: Sunny Neji
Song title: Oruka Lyrics

Chorus 1
Oruka ti do wo na
Di ololu feremu
Ko se ni tole tabi
Titi lai
(Titi lai o)
oruka ti do wo na na na
bi ololu fere mu
ko se no tole tabi
titi lai, titi lai lai la...

He who finds a wife
has found a good thing and
Favour from the Lord
You found harmony
To the song you sing
You can't do anything
You wanna call

You're her father, and her brother
And her lover, and her cover and
her Teacher
And her everything

She is your Mother and your sister
And your Lover
And your cover
And your Teacher
And your everything

O ni mole Aye re
So don't take your smile away
Oh no O ni alo baro re
Form today your wedding day

(Chorus 2)

Oruka ti dowo na
Bi ololu fere mu
Ko se ni tole mu
Titi lai

It's your wedding day
So be happy and rejoice
Whatever they say
Today made your choice
This is only when I in I is one
Ololu fe together you belong
O ni imole aiye re
So don't take your smile away
Oni alo balo re
From today your wedding day

(Chorus x2)
Na na ohun
The lord is your shepherd
You shall not want
He will led you by the still of waters
He's always there
So you have nothing to hear
Come and say
Bye bye to mummy, bye bye to Daddy
You wanna be with your wife
Bye bye to Daddy
You wanna be with your Husy
Bye bye to Daddy
Mummy you're crying cause your
baby girl has become a today
Bye bye to Mummy, Bye bye to Daddy

Sunny Neji - Oruka Lyrics

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