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Name: Styl Plus
Song title: Ready To Go Lyrics

Baby am ready to go (x10)
omo wa ba mi lagbo (x7)

Verse 1
First time I saw you girl
I knew
that you would be my girl
this love was groovy baby
everytime you dancing
bo se bami lagbo, I knew
that you would rock my
mi o sere baby, iwo lo mo
to ndrive me crazy

The way you are dancing
ahn, oje soji ma ma wa mi
I have got something for you
girl, baby i am wanting to do
you something
girl i ma ready to go
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Omo baby
in the kitty of upstairs
got a bottle of mowett,
sexy lady,

if you wanna have
some all you got to do is say,
champagne oh baby
anything you want just
follow me this way
am going crazy from the way
you dey move and the
way you dey swing,

girl i wanna get to know you,
cos i got a lot of things girls to
show you girl, don't wanna
be without you, other ladies
wanna know all about you
you are moving, in a way
that is so confusing girl
girl i know that i am ready,
(Repeat Chorus)

Baby am ready to go (x10)

Verse 3
S.U.N.K.Y! oh baby
oju mo mati mo o, eh baby
ale tu fi ti de le o
am gonna make you happy
with my style of satisfactory
me i go make you jolly
i want you girl, like you need
me girl, make we come
together, omo omo,
bo si agbo o, dakun ma je
lago o, cos I am ready to go
(Repeat Chorus)

Styl Plus - Ready To Go Lyrics

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