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Name: Styl Plus
Song title: Baby Mo Lyrics

Eny baby, oh oh, styl plus io
she wann chop this our
our money io

Baby mo, omo mo bi so
you wan play me wayo,
I no be oyinbo
you no fit chop my money
go oh oh, you no fit carry
my ego oh oh (x2)

Verse 1
Wetin my eye don see io, if I
talk am e go hard to believe
oh, the matter come dey
make me dey wonder wether
the thing wen dey worry the
girl na long throat or hunger
because he meet me for
and shop io, he think sey he
go take me chop io, she wan
tum guy man to mugu, you
can't turn urhobo man to
baby sey she dey hungry
i sey i know, i take am go iya

basira place oh, she look the
place she sey na wa oh
ma self i tell am
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Wetin I see with my eye lo
if i talk am you go sey i day
io, the matter come dey
wonder if
she dey gbadun my style,
or she just wan use me,
because she meet me for
night club oi, she come dey
find how dhe go take me
io, the baby think sey she
fast, tishe luku no dey over
take ;ast, baby ask for
i sey yes oh, i take am
to tejuosho, as we reach
place she sey na wa oh
na so i tell am oh
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
Whether dem like am o
whether dem dislike am,
oh oh, the thing be sey, he
dey take wen dem talk sey
wan chop my money, dem
look me like obama, i dey
as i go take hammer
the thing be dey i come
naija, not from yankee
(Repeat Chorus)

Styl Plus - Baby Mo Lyrics

Africa Music Lyrics

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