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Name: Plantanshun Boyz
Song title: Anthem Lyrics

Fellow Nigerians
it has come to our notice that
some unscrupulous
elements are trying to distabilize
our nation
any attempt or attempted attempt
by any person or group of
persons shall be decisely death with
enough is enough, we shall not
sit and fold our hands
and watch all these unscrupulous
elements to distabilize our nation
enough is enough.
arise O compatriots
Ugly beat

Arise O compatriots
come together work together
let's put the things right
arise O compatriots
come together work together
come together and unite
arise O compatriots
make we no force and make we

never fight
but let us build a nation bound in
peace and unity

Back in the days
a lot of things are very cool
Back in the days
we had a lot of cool schools
Back in the days
we had a lot of discipline
Back in the days
when everywhere was very clean
but now my God
we can't find it any longer
a lot of people them are living in
greed and envy
is taking over you and me
but now my God
we beg you send down the
to all the problems
and the questions that we halla
noo more war we say no more wars
so everybody join me
sing as we sing
(Repeat Chorus)

But now adays
the cost of living getting higher
and nowadays
plenty innocent dey die
and nowadays
politicians too dey lie
to tell you the truth
nobody knows the reason why
now it seems
there's no law and no order
we see your batty
and we put it under cover
greed and envy
is taking over you and me
now I beg you God
send down the answer
to all the problems
and questions that we halla
nobody's nobody
but them wan' build house
so tell me how can this be
(Repeat Chorus)

Say you are
my brother you are
my sisters and my friend
we are one family one blood
together we can make Nigeria
a better place to stay
if we unite
we can make this place a home
yes we want-we want!
yes we want-yes we want!
one love-one love
one love-one love
yes I say that I'm proud to be a Nigerian
and I don't want to fake it
I want let's get up
and show the world we can make it
it's alovely place
let's start work it
some people steal our money
and only them chop it
(Oh my people-my people-arise)
(I pledge to Nigeria my country)
(Repeat Chorus Till Fade)

Plantainshun Boyz - Anthem Lyrics

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