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Name: Olamide
Song title: Omo Toh Shan Lyrics (ft Whiz Kid)

Wizzy and Olamide
EMEzzzy, Codedtunes
you know how we do

Chorus (2x)
Girl you know you look so fine
and I want to you to be mine
eh... omo omo toh shan
omo omo omo toh shan

Girl only you can rely
I'll be waiting for reply
eh... omo omo toh shan
omo omo omo toh shan

Verse 1
Girl, it's you nobody compare
other girls dem noreach for where
dem fit dey try but still won we
when it comes to fashion you know well
girl, you so beautiful
everything about you meaningful
if be April, na me be fool
na you wey dey charge my battery full
I like the smell of your perfume
I inhale my belle full
now go west spot, E file fun
oun lo ni, e ti be fun
girl your love don cloud my mind
you are always on my mind
you carry bomb you blow my mind

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Duro omo toh shan
dem call me wizzy baby baby huuhh
and I rep EMEzzy baby baby
me no get time for long thing
(long thing)
the way that you wine girl e
do my strong thing
stop the fronting
stop giving me long thing
tori pe daddy mi o si ni le
mommy mi o si ni le
emi ni kan mo wa n'le
so follow me go baby, no delay
mo ni that's the way (ah uh ah uh)
I like it (ah uh ah uh)
Omo toh shan (ah uh ah uh)
I like you (I like you too baby)
(Repeat Chorus) (2x)

Verse 3
Don't let, don't it take too long
don't let me, don't let me wait too long
I love you yet you stay too long
I love you evermore, it dey too strong
so baby be my madam
I want to be your Van Damme
Always want to hold you down
when it comes to you, nobody fit weigh down
you are the one my heart has chosen
Iwo ni eni ti okan mi yan
you so good when I am with you
wanna spend the rest of my life with you
that's where I get plenty past few
I no fit wait, then they wanna to have you
(Repeat Chorus) (2x)

Olamide - Omo Toh Shan Lyrics

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