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Name: Marvelous Benji
Song title: Make The Hear Am Lyrics

This one na music wen
run the place
(wen dey run the place)
this one na the music
everybody dey wait
(everybody dey wait)
this one and the music you
sing no be the same
(ko jo o)
this one na the music
wen go scatter your brain
(na im dey rain)

tell make de hear am
all the boomboomlat d.j,
make dem hear am,
all the man wen no
like us
make dem hear am,
all the deebee deebee d.j,
make dey hear am,
make dey hear am,
make dey hear am,
give it unto the deejay
make you tell am
make e play am,

even all the boys dem hear
sey dem want to blend am,
sey make dem bend am

Verse 1
Tell dem to cool, tell all
the deebee deebee dejay
to cool
make dem find time
dem come to my
school, long
timw me tell dem about the
golden rule, tell dem the cool,
tell dem the cool, see
my bros
wen come use me like tool,
me i no be mumu, me i go
school, long time me tell dem
be cool, they should have
know sey me hot like fire
they should have know na
me the girls trip for they,
should have know
ajaja lift me higher,
who be the deejay wen
dey run the bother,
they should have know sey
me never tire
sey me running so
fast like a motor tire
they should have
know me
am the best producer,
come give me the fire
i bum the whole town
(Repeat Hook)

Verse 2
Ina party if you know sey
you ready me sey move up
your waist and wine
and go
down (x2) to the ground,
everybody me sey wine am
to the ground, if you know sey
that you ready, to the ground
make the know sey you no
lazy to the ground
the ground, the ground
the ground, make make
dem know sey
you no lazy to the
dem dey ask me now,
dem ask me now
everybody just dey ask me now
dem dey sey,
shey mr marvelous
don come with new one
(Repeat Chorus and Hook)
(Repeat Chorus and Verse 1)

Marvellous Benji - Make Them Hear Am Lyrics

Africa Music Lyrics

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