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Name: M.I
Song title: Somebody Wants To Die Lyrics

Thou shall not be afraid
for the terror by the night
or the arrow that fly by day
or for the pestilence that walk in the dark
or for the destruction
a thousand shall fall by my side
and ten thousand all around me
Haha! 2009!
Chocolate city
Loopy records baby
This is officially the countdown
Let's go, let's get em

Oh, oh, oh, lord!
why do you keep pushing me (2x)
Oh, oh, oh, lord!
maybe they wat to die!
somebody wants to die!

Verse 1 (M.I)
They call me M.I Abaga, J town Rapper
Jesse Jagga broda, you can't do me nada!
2009 M.I rocking at the MAMAs
you can buy my cd and rock it with your mama
me don't want no drama
nobody comes close
is sorta like an orphan
yes they a little fly, M.I is an orbit

Making more green than an orchard, fork it!
M.I Abaga, go chaeck your data
my cd come boom shaka laka Alaba
I've been on tour
they never cross river like Calabar
the only way you cold is your careers like cadaver
don't even bother, beneath us like Rafa
kicking soccer proper like Kaka
rule over the game Sepp Blatter
Chocolate city scatter
my berry sweet, plus I'm black
Yo ladies and gentlemen, Ice prince

Verse 2 (Ice Prince)
Yo, I'm Ice Prince Zamani, J town's Granny
Coming out fresh in my Giorgio Armani
used to be broke a*s, couldn't get a penny
But I'm in the house cleaning out like nanny
zoom like a vesper, sweet like nectar
I'm not saying am the best, but I'm closer than the rest
homey and grinding defining
I was J town's number , before M signed me
me now I'm Hector, keyed to the Label
imagine all my cream, add P to the table
they wonder why I'm on this
dumb a*s question
A little bit of me, be the key to ignition
don't even bother, you ain't spitti' proper
I'm in the top 10, and my single never dropa
I'm the mother sucker, star lyrics like lyrics like lager
(store lyrics like a locker)
I bomba klak a mic like a Rocka, blah!

Verse 3 (M.I)
They missing with Chocolate city's logo
these niggas want promo
they standing way too close, they so homo
they need to clean up their flow, they need omo
I money, money's my motto
yes I do eat beef, but right now I'm fasting!
you don't even want it anyway, why you actin'?
niggas want drama, Imma holla when I'm casting
I'm ever green, ever ready, ever lasting
M.I.2 anticipated like Detox
I never falls I stay on my feet, like reebok
competition distant, I'm run like they see cops
M.I, Jags, Ice flier than three hawks
I'm so Hip hop, I'm like beat box
y'all haters are chicken, y'all are peacocks
sweet rappers y'all about to get peeled off
I talk a hard game, they really fell soft
This is real talk, I had to restart
and now I'm back from there
to make their knees knock
I'm like a b c, and y'all even d blocks
I'm the bars, I'm the chain, I must be loved
I'm seeing open doors, I'm promoting tours
closing bars smoking four fours
while y'all grabing open doors
hate on my style hate on my flow hate on vocal cords
you setting a bad man loose, like they open doors
I know life is a b**ch, and I'm loco yours
I'm dating smoking broads
You driving broken cars
y'all niggas buying lines and poaching bars
coming at me is the only way
that you'll ever approach a star
M.I finito, never be an equal
never be a sequel
such a huge ego,
and I will never crash I'm no sosoliso
I got Chocolate city to handle my legal
I'm a plan, I'm a rocket, I'm an eagle
and its plain how I rock the desert eagle
it's what I call a microphone, it's so evil
how could sound bite from murdering people
how can you ever try to fight with steven seagal
I'm in the throne room,
you're starring through the peephole
And I'm so Rick Ross the boss like Hugo
I've got my new flow, I'me like a blue fro??
I'm on your mind it's so unusual you know
I'll let the rest know, I'm the threshold
the fresh bro, the S.O, fly f.Y.I best know
Uh huh, you can't stop me

MI - Somebody Wants To Die Lyrics

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