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Name: M.I
Song title: One Naira Lyrics (ft Waje)

Verse 1
Hey princess
I'm so into you
cause you see past what my revenue is
and love me for me, clever you
leave you that is something I will never do
other girls just wanna get rich quick
see them running things like olympics
married men chopping them like biscuits
they're fast food girls, their fish stinks
I no go chop outside no picnics
cause you and I above the statistics
It don't matter if I got ego
we got something we can build on, lego
and even if your friends don't say so
what do they know

Chorus (2x)
Whether na one naira
whether na one million
baby you got me
baby you got me

Your the only one that I see
mu na gi ga nu garri
whether or not you get money
I'll stay with you if you'll stay with me

Verse 2
If you stay now follow chop kwakwa
when I'm living by the bay, takwa

friends with Oprah and Obama
guess whose going to be my baby mama
and my wifey, (you) precisely
cause you loving me when nobody likes me
and you feeling me when nobody hype me
so when the money come you going be beside me
you're a diamond, your priceless
a lot of girls shine you the brightest
if you ever try to leave me like this
I'll follow you like three blind mices
so here's my proposal baby
love me though the money is a maybe
and if your friends say that you crazy
what can they see
(Repeat Chorus) (2x)
(Repeat Hook)

Verse 3
You know I love you honey if no be situation
if say I get money or better occupation
anywhere you want to go we go fly
anything you say you want, I'm gonna buy
just to show you baby girl
what you mean to me
let's take it easy girl
until we get there
things are hard right now, lot of stress yeah
but I promise to always give you my best yeah
I put my right hand on my chest yeah
no money in the world can pay for
this feeling that I feel when you say your
My girl, I'm your king I'm your mayor
I'll love you forever and a day more
(Repeat Chorus) (2x)
(Repeat Hook)

MI - One Naira Lyrics

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