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Name: M.I
Song title: Nobody Lyrics (ft 2Face)

Intro (2Face)
So many heights
I realise
as I rise

If nobody talk about you
then you are nobody
whether na true them talk or
na lie
ma guy
wa lai
if nobody talk about you
then you are nobody
stop existing
and start living
and start to feel what we feeling

Verse 1 (M.I)
I was feeling really down cuz of nobody said
I was nobody in nobody's head
I was figment of what the media had felt
no true real talent, no street cred
and 2Face said "Brother
you're feeling my pain
people go and talk but they
don't know a thing
when the goings going bad
people disappear
when it starts going good,
the same people re-appear
when it's rough, I just puff,
I just hold back a tear

I try to close my eyes and
keep my eyes clear
Omo men, there's so many
porno men
don't even honour them
Jehovah go corner them
I'm so Obama men, Na God
go Osama them
Jos Mc, let your success
hammer them
they talk behind your back
cuz you're standing infront of them
cuz they know you're special
you'll never be one of them
what it is, is
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2 (2Face)
The beginning of your dream
they don't know about you
but then they don't never
care what you wan do
some of them go hail you
some go call you mugu
just because them get
mouthu hey!
no matter who you be them
must to talk about you
them go sit down for corner
just dey dissect you
they analyze you
some of them go criticize you
some of them go idolize you
no be small thing oh
but tutu le hi bad oh
I say na calamity them dey
try to organize oh
if you hear all them talk you
go confuse oh oh oh oh
seen me as I dey here
I hear them but I don't care
That's why I'm just living it up today
(Repeat Chorus)

MI - Nobody Lyrics

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