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Name: M.I
Song title: Imperfect Me Lyrics

what's upi with the perfection anyway
who really is perfect?
show me one person that is perfect
maybe M.I

Verse 1
Some people have no drama
speaking with plenty grammar
so eloquent no stammer
dncing like MC Hammer
some have no imperfection
they never need correction
never ask for direction
they're number one selection
somebbody know the truth like Jesus
they're rounding up your feces
never producing feces
they sweet like reese pieces
some always spring into action
never have wrong reaction
they are always excelling
they are immune to failing
we have plenty fracas
among the sheep, I am back cos
Mr. Procrastination, I fall to much temptation
I'm never seeing cheddah
know when I should know better
never seem to put a good
rational plan together
my heart is always healthy

awiting time for working
what is the matter, I am
scattered brained and safe certain
but still I call my savior
with all my behavior
cos love persisted over each
let me be

Chorus (2x)
Love let me to be
(love lets me be.....beeeeee)
imperfect me...meeeeeee
collect shandi my God.

Verse 2
Some never stole my money
their mouth is never cursing
they heal, they hurt and thirsting
their hands are always nursing
some never get frustrated
have never masturbated
never interrogated
they God created
some doing great with no mistake
their faith is never doubting
some have no time for shouting
Their lips are never pouting
I hate to burst your bubble
Me I have plenty trouble
my life is ruined in rubble
too many things to juggle
got eviction letters
there's money owned to debtors
Ignored my intuition
cannot afford tuition
I've given God conditions
I've slandered my religion
I blinked and lost my vision
I thrive on superstition
but still I call the savior
with all my behavior
love has persisted over each
characteristic let me be

(Repeat Chorus) (2x)

Verse 3
There's so much nonsense
a faulty conscience
I make mstake dawg
not doing great dawg
i'm pyshing further in
the guilt am harboring
gotten my heart broken
there's hurt from words I've spoken
there's people that 've cheated
some sins they stay repeated
I've had discussions heated
where truth has been receded
my thoughts they get perverted
reality inverted
the truth that I'm annoyed with
I've always just avoided
some times I am very stubborn
allow my pride govern
there's so much dirt I have covered
it's dark inside my cupboard
it's got me bothered I agree, yes
I see, I am only human
and it's bad consuming
every good is blooming
my actions each running
I am disaster walking
can't hear the master talking
but still I hear the savior
In all of my behavior
cos love remained over every
single shame
let me be
Be be be be be
I am working on me
love so good, love so bad,
an the ugly
how I know how I know
God loves me
love so good, love so bad,
and the ugly, ugly me
he's working on me imperfect me
love let me be imperfect me (imperfect me)
imperfect me

That's just me
I am not perfect
but you know, who's perfect

MI - Imperfect Me Lyrics

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