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Name: M.I
Song title: Action Film Lyrics (ft Brymo)

Chocolate city picture presents:
M.I, Brymo, MI2, Action Film
Let's go (oshe ocada)
left left left left left left (oshe danfo)
left right left right left right (gbe keke e)
ladies and gentlemen
I am back (oya oya oya kalo)

I'll like to take you for a ride
I'll be your superman, I'll take you to the sky
so fun won, kpe ko wa tasi mi
cos I be actor for this action film

Verse 1
Yo, back with the banger
for the hood, for the streets for the zanga
the return of the microphone handler
came back to set a nem standard
more bread, more butter, more batter
more fanta, no coke, no ganja
so gifted that he must know santa
no slander llet them hail his
reign more banta
they might wonnder, they might ponder
from a legedes benz to a honda
to a crib from the bridge he was under
did he do yahoo, did he launder
now chics follo bumper to bumper
see awards everywhere in the bunker
it's the chocolate boss, willy wonker

Haaaayyyy, mo ti gbere mi de eeeeee
go tell your mommy, tell your daddy
tell your brother too
and if you want me, baby
let me know it cos I do
with you
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Yo back with my new flow
for the club, for the street, for studios
In my crib, new car, new clothes
same actor, different year, new boss
I am a bad guy, who knows sharp guys,
who know fly guys
who pop nuvos
aand the chammpagne do flow
any time we celebrate cos we
generate new dough
and we off to conquer a new coast
anywhere the game has got loopholes
all these rappers that be
forming I-too-knows
they can't keep up, they need glucose
where did M come from, mehn who knows
no other rap sounds like judo's
and he's not alone, he's got two bros
for the two or one or who knows
Choc city boys say...
(Repeat Hook)
(Repeat Chorus)

O n se mi se mi
bi ki n party party
bobo toh soji soji
oun ni baby reti
I am feeling fine
the mood is right
we on tonight
let's got there (12x)

Verse 3
Yo... so back with ginja
with the son of the carpenter
for another brand new adventure
my flow so cold, I bring winter
I am the lyrical kung fu ninja
enemies all around tryna injure
cos I'm championship like inter
these dudes can't reach where I been to
got the Mo'Cheddah flow, cant censor
and I stand all alone like oriental
but I am gentle, so simple, I'm a mentor
see everytime I flow, I am a painter
Hiphop's in trouble, imma save her
C-city, Loopy, welcome to M.I the movie

MI - Action film Lyrics

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