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Name: Klever J
Song title: Se O Sexy Lyrics

Verse 1
I have been so many
and i have seen so
faces, but i have com
realize no one ca still
be in
your place, girl i no go
bo bo
you, but i say it from
take me where i sey, ki
ife wa
le gbo ju le, if you
know my
nkechi, she wanna
chop me
and run away, make
you know
mind her na na
because sey
i be super star, eh,
make you take me as
you are the best girl in the

Na the way wey I dey
na im make me wanna
tell you

sey, omo ele, na you
be the
best in this world, thi
this world na you be
the best
in this world, shey owa
sexy (x2)

Verse 2
Eh se, she dey make
me feel
like sey na she be my
eh, she dey make me
feel like
she na she be my
Nigeria eh
anytime I took myself,
she dey
by my side, I go mara
more calling
calling, oya come
join make we go jolly
cos i no
get time for dulling
omo oya pass me you
me and my girl we
concrete the gutter,
love wen come put us
any man wen try, we
go push
dem go gutter, gutter,
no even
try to come nearer
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
She too sexy her
friends too
classy, dress code
light, far
from an ashy, whether
you not
notice her when i party
lekpashios slimmy,
papa na
party, see her once
and you go run
run run, till you fall
inside dirty,
arrange this party, you
go fight
for this babe, whether
twenty or you forty,
let's go
there, let's go there
my advice to you is
ma wo be
ma wo be, eh, ka lo
ka lo be, my advice to
you is
ma lo be ma lo be,
clever jay,
jem so si e leti, the
babe wen
you dey talk, don dey
ari si mi
leti, what if i tell you
sey me
and her don dey have
(Repeat Chorus)

Klever J - Se O Sexy Lyrics

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