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Name: Da Grin
Song title: Swag Lyrics

Uh-yeah! Swag you already
what it is. misofunyin
entertainment baby
swag swag
swag swag, file file file
yeah. sossick baby. ok. go.

Verse 1
Emi ni kabiyesi but e se
ti ba bere oro lowo yin
se ma fun mi lesi, se o si, tefi
lanu le bi pushi. se mi ni ma
koko rap ni, e sha ti gbo bow wow,
e ti gbo Hurricane, e de
ti gbo soulja boy, e ti gbo
ki e to remi na be run many
miles. I'm the king of the
no other bagga. you think
I dey lie. I role e sere wa si idi
aba nibi ti ati ma poli cos
me I no holy. won mo ni ni
UNILAG de Lagos Poly
yen se album eyokan, won

London cos ni Naija won
mon pi pali condom. They
why I gidi, omo ko gba agidi
emi lo mo tan giri. You know I
keep it real
Da grin ti jeun
soke jo, koshi boy looking up
if them hating let them hating,
watch the money pile up.
(Repeat Chorus Several Times)
file file (swag)

Verse 2
Yeah. party here. Ok, pass
a bottle of Rossy. Lean
back in the lac, was getting a
little cozy. Yes I bought
your swagger back. Cut it here
I got swag that most of this
so called fucking rappers like
flyer than Jasper Smoother
than Cadillac cool with the
roof up, it's true talk so
move up. who messing with this
Naija boy straight out New york
I'm off my notch so young
buck cant touch this. I'm
the type of rapper most rapper
cant fuck with. I got my swagger
type plus I got my bragging
you wish you had it like this
flash like a candle light
so oh no cos magic is bad.

Verse 3
Won so pe mo kuru. O se mo
dupe mo kuru
but I be guru
ni suru tori mo buru. Ti o ba
ta bi guguru, ko ya gbe nu
bi Nuru. tori mo lle ba e ja bi
kuru, tori iwo ti o ni iru
mi ki se arupo, mi se Ronaldo
mo goal. tiba ti nbo, e dide
nle, Eyin rappers kin le nwo
emi ni best, emi ni yes but
eyin le rupo. All my nigger
jeun cos semi o raye s'oti yo
E ye fa bi igbin. come
and feel
the real thing. all my
wazobia people, this one na new
thing, E ba mi wa omo to
ifo, lapalapa tabi ela

Yeah. Misofunyin
baby. Eko oni baje
Da grin. Cathy A. You already
know what it is. swag maga
Swag maga. sossizzy
Da Grin
switch your style up. if
they hting let them hating,
watch the money pile up.
Swag Swag Swag...

Da Grin - Swag Lyrics

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