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Name: Da Grin
Song Title: If I Die Lyrics

yo frenzy
please turn the
microphone on
evertime I be in the studio
please do this for me

If I die, If I die
make you no cry for me
e jen simi, ejo kejeken mi
if I die
just pretend you are not my
(body wanna trillian trillian)
ko ye won koye won



Verse 1
I go many shows
get many doughs
get many hos, but them dey
them bin dey think say yes
say you no go reign
cos they know my hustle and
they know the pain
now i am chilling flossin
courvoisier n moet

they like da grin omotele ti o
mo we
if eno be God, wey he dey
try for me
If I die, my guy, make you no
cry for me
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
God na my creator
fela na my mentor
money no dey drive me,
money not my conductor
i no be good boy wen i get loyalty
i no wonder yet when
marketer, i go pay me royalty
anytime, when i roll up like Ludacris
people dey hala, dey wonder
why like Jadakiss
my flow go take home for the
ghetto like Ak one
think say i dey lie, ask JayQ
na Rake 1
(Repeat Chorus)



Verse 3
Ashewo dey everywhere
even gay dey fear
say ahewo collect all the
boys for this yearr
I know say i be sinner, God,
I dey sin
everyday igbo, shayo, all night
na dry gin
and i no start like this for
church, I start with drum set
then i want open my ear, wey
God go blow the trumpet
cos I know heaven dey
God even dey
if you want chow cake, then
you go know say oven dey
(Repeat Chorus)

Da Grin - If I Die Lyrics

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