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Name: Bracket
Song title: Yori Yori Lyrics

Love love, ai mh mh mh; well
well, yori yori
ai, chineke meh; am with you
ma, love love
mh mh, well welll; ape planet,
yori yori
bracket le; am with you ma
love love

with you everything is well
your love dey make heart
do yori yori
nobody can love you
the way I do
am with you ma love love

Verse 1
Same thing, same thing way
dey make me feel like say
you go be my wife
na the same thing wey been
dey make others dey say I
dey waste my time
na because I dey respect
you girl, spending for you
every thing and day
I dey pray for you, because

of you I dey fly like butterfly,
my love love

Na this thing make people
dey say, I don lose my
sense my brain
but nobody can stop me
from loving you, am with
you ma love love
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
You see the all the things
dey flow, some surprise to
see how I dey love you so
girl I dey suspect say them
no know say na you be the
person we dey make me
Uuh I tell them say you are
a blessing and that's why
you are so interesting
the way you are, oh my
beautiful girl
(Repeat Chorus & Refrain)

Your love dey affect my
brain and two e dey make
me go insane
E go make sense if you
come my place if you no
hear am I go talk am again
your love dey affect my
brain, oh my love I dey go
just leave am the way e
be, the way it is oh my love
(Repeat Refrain)

Love love, iya iya, yori yori
iya iya, yori Decumzy lee e
e eehe
Ai chai my love love my
love love uh my love love
nobody can stop me from
loving you, am with you my

Bracket - Yori Yori Lyrics

Africa Music Lyrics

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