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Name: Banky W
Song title: Still Together Lyrics (ft M.I)

I pledge to Nigeria, my country
to be faithful, loyal and honest
to serve Nigeria with all my strength
to defend her unity and
uphold her honour and glory
so help me God

Verse (Banky W)
we remember independence
when out freedom we received (yeah)
and the call to fight for unity
and the visin we believed
50 years have gone by quickly (ooooooh)
years of Joy and Pain
but our future is united
and the faith and hope remain

So we sing (together)
still rising (together)
still fighting (together)
still moving (together)
(oh oh oh) we rise when we fall
we're still standing tall
we will make it through the night, you and I
Oh Lord now (together)
still rising (together)
we are still fighting (together)
still moving (together)
(eh eh) we rise when we fall
we're still standing tall (oh oh yeah yeah)
we will make it through the night, you and I

Hausa, Yoruba (still together)
Ibo, Calabar (still together)
Muslims, Christians (still together)
Brother, Sister (still together)

Edo, Delta (still together)
Middle Belt, Fulani (still together)
all of Naija (still together)

Verse (M.I)
1st of October, 1960
Nigeria was set free, and now we are 50
but wherever disunity is , we will fight it
together we're standing, and still we are rising
no turning back, there is no compromising
only moving forward, we hope in unity
for every tribe, every language and community
I pledge allegiance, Nigeria my country
faithful, loyalty, I will always want thee
I promise to serve you, defend your integrity
till the better days come, peace and prosperity
defend your honor, uphold your glory
this is pur land, our future, our story
whatever the days bring, no matter the weather
Nigeria's going to make it as long as we're together
we're together
(Repeat Hook)

Banky W - Still Together Lyrics

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