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Name: Banky W
Song title: Don't Break My Heart Lyrics

You're the only one for me
why cant you see
cos I knew it from the start
Don't break whats left of my
heart (x2)

Verse 1
Everytime I see your pretty
face, my heart skips a beat
and I get so, yes I do
everytime I see your pretty
smile, heart I runs wild
and I get real high
I need you I love you
I want you here with me
(ohh yes I do)
oh babe, oh baby, baby
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Maybe I wanna become the
man the you deserve
and I'll always put you first
maybe you dont wanna let
cuz you've been hurt
but I love you I need you
just like the air I breathe
so don't leave me don't
leave me

Baby, baby, baby and I will
love no other
cant live without you I'm
always thinking of you
all my life you'll soon know
what I know
if you realised that my love
was made for you
so please don't go
(Repeat Chorus) (x2)

I can't live
I can't breath
I can't live
I can't breath

Banky W - Dont Break My Heart Lyrics

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