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Name: African China
Song title: If You Love Somebody Lyrics (ft Faze)

If you love somebody
walk up to her and tell her
you love am eh,
it does no crime, no crime
at all (x2)

Verse 1
I been see this baby, she
just dey worry my mind e,
my mind e
no be small thing o
I been wan talk to her, but
wicklo been hold me for
mouth eh, for mouth eh,
holy lord,
one mind sey make i go
the other been draw me
back sey make I no go, no
she fit like me as I like am
too, but I no know, no know,
no know
so if you love somebody
abi you need that person
badly, just walk up to her
eh, oya go talk to her now
if you love somebody walk
up to her, and tell her, tell
her how much you love am
tell am how much you need

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2 (Faze)
This thing been happen to
me, for one of my guy party
ye, (China) no be small
thing o, eh, I been see this
baby she just dey smile at
I been try to check am, but I
got to leave cos liver dey
fail me
I no wan gbege o, I no
know wetin dey her mind o
oh oh oh,
she fit dey with her guy oh
guy oh oh oh,
even if i try, my mind dey
cut, because my liver dey
fail me
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
She fit dey act like sey she
tough, or she dey carry
face up, dat one na
shakara you, she just dey
tranga, maybe her
boyfriend dey beat her,
abuse her, dey mess her
up, all she need na man,
wen go lover her the way
she want, she want know
your mind, because you
dey her mind, true love is
not a crime, tell it to every man
(Repeat Chorus)

African China - If You Love Somebody Lyrics

Africa Music Lyrics

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