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Name: 2Face
Song title: One Love Lyrics

Remember there is only one race
and that is the human race
Oh oh

See, one love
One love (3x)

Verse 1
See, I just the other day, I saw on
brutal killing of eachother by a
true friend
I could not comprehend
so I said to myself maybe the
world is coming to an end, cos
is the love, is the hate, is this war
is it fate oh
I could not relate oh
but there is one thing I can relate
and that is the fact that chorus
all we need is one love
one love
all we need is one love

Verse 2
See, from the beginning of creation
there's been a lot of tribulation
understand where I am coming from
that this world that we living in
is one big mighty prison
we all are natural
we just passing through a

journey to wherever we go
why don't we make that place heaven
and that heaven is this very
place that we living in, so
put your laughter in the air to
see people showing care
people changing attitudes this year
peace to people on the street
there's nobody gnashing teeth
no kind of evil

Chorus (2x)
All we need is one love cos we
struggle, and hustle, and laugh
and cry, and shout and do it all
all we need is one love
we start together and we
cannot leave it out on eachother
all we need is one love
irrespective of the love
your religion or political border
all we need is one love
our people hold it, embrace it
express it and show it
cos I know it is the answer
nobody holy pass ei
look into my eye and tell you
pass ei
nobody holy pass ei
nonbody (2x)

Ah yei, ajola dan me
one love till fade

2Face - One Love Lyrics

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